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Personalized Training

At Joe Keit Kung Fu, we believe in results… We train each and every student in traditional Chinese Kung Fu and our main focus is to teach the ability to really defend yourself. We have a fun and challenging curriculum that will help you not only learn self defense but also get you in great shape.

Sifu Joe Keit has over 15 years teaching experience and has been training Martial Arts since childhood. In his career he has competed in fighting, weapons and forms and has won several championships including 2 International Grand Championships. Sifu Joe Keit also beat a Shaolin Monk in the finals at Tournament 2000.

We invite you to try a class with us, we believe you will enjoy the positive atmosphere where Kung Fu is our passion. Our classes not only are great physically, you also will develop confidence, patience, self-control & respect is very important to us, we enforce a respectful & safe environment where true values are taught…

Tired of getting lost in the big martial art schools? Tired of schools that have so many ways to take your money without giving personal attention? Not seeing any results? We understand how hard it can be to find a good school, and truly it is even harder to find good students. Our mission is to offer the best instruction on a school and on a personal level.


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